Starsky Sulk

I have realized writing life is all about movement.
Our physical bodies are created in such way to move. Our brains, although it looks stuffed with fat and cholesterol, houses gazzilion amounts of neurons that allows movements of electric impulses. Our souls, I have no commentary about souls.

So much about that, this is my alternate account and I post things here when I feel too jerky about the ideas that I post on facebook. So yeah. I love coldplay and animes of all sorts (if you know what I mean)

***non of the gif's are mine unless stated... hmmm I wonder when will i learn how to make GIF's...

Got mesmerized with the sight of these guys. I should have videotaped my facial reactions while I look at them.

How far can i go

How far can I go
Go against my principles
Not today nor tomorrow


Forest Man

It begins tomorrow

Here is a list of the things that might come in the following days

1. New faces (local and international students)
2. Thick books
3. Eye glasses
4. Bullies
5. More books
6. Professors with:
6a. Warm smiling faces
6b. Indifferent, tired, and smug
7. Hallways
8. Flooded streets
9. Oh-you-look-young-for-your-looks compliment (or not)

Please dont!! ^^


"Fail in the way and the place that you want to fail." Charlie Day

There are times when my brain just stops planning ahead when I needed one the most.

Team Minato
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