Starsky Sulk

I have realized writing life is all about movement.
Our physical bodies are created in such way to move. Our brains, although it looks stuffed with fat and cholesterol, houses gazzilion amounts of neurons that allows movements of electric impulses. Our souls, I have no commentary about souls.

So much about that, this is my alternate account and I post things here when I feel too jerky about the ideas that I post on facebook. So yeah. I love coldplay and animes of all sorts (if you know what I mean)

***non of the gif's are mine unless stated... hmmm I wonder when will i learn how to make GIF's...


"Cynicism Illustrated"

Illustrator Eduardo Salles offers us beautiful slices of bitter cynicism through his minimalist posters…

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 s o u j i r o 

heavy breathing

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Here’s for redundancy. A ruggedy rugged shoe on a ruggedy rugged floor.


Spider-Man by Daniel Machado | Lines: Mike Deodato | Marvel Comics

Someone gave these things to me, and I couldn’t be happier to actually see how much they appreciate what I do.

Thank God for allowing me to feel such emotions. I feel so amazing right now… And full after eating some of these goods.



ROFL! Solid editing.


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That ain’t a secret anymore

After watching The Secret, I came to realize that it wasn’t a secret at all. Well first, it has been put out in the public since, like 5 years ago, and second, it’s all about pure human nature — as to what the documentary ended.
So yeah, it ain’t a secret at all, I guess.

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